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Zignals - Your Home for Managed Strategies

Welcome! That may have been the most profitable click you make in 2011.

Here you will be guided through the key steps of setting up your strategy trading business on Zignals.

If you have not traded before, Zignals offers an easy-to-use platform to simulate the real trading experience. With Zignals you have time to earn your trading wings while potentially earning money too. If you are already a successful trader, this is a logical way to supplement your ROI and increase your margins. You have taken the first step towards generating revenue on Zignals! Let’s get started.

Zignals, The Marketplace For Strategies
Ebay has done it for consumer goods industry and Zignals has done it for the investment industry. We have created a revolutionary strategy market where users can create and sell their trading strategies. We attract the best traders from a variety of markets including stocks, commodities, forex, and ETFs. We then enable traders, through use of groundbreaking free investment tools, to build and sell strategies in the Marketplace!

Where you come in...
You may be an expert in one particular trading area, you may may be an experienced all rounder, or you may be just starting off on your investment journey. Regardless of experience or expertise, Zignals allows every level of investor to profit from their own experience, insight, and skills. We give you the free expert tools, provide the means to sell, and then you sell. Your strategy’s success is monitored and the ROI is visible to the other members, who are your potential buyers. Your strategy’s ROI is your unique selling point. Perform well, and your strategy’s ROI can drive sales.

Your success depends on your strategy’s success. Your confidence in your own abilities can be reflected in the subscription price you set for access to your strategy. In our competitive marketplace of 35,000 members it becomes a question of balancing cost to performance.

Market yourself  and your strategy for extra exposure and income!
Zignals has a strong user base and runs several high profile advertising and marketing campaigns each year. Our membership base is a healthy source of potential subscribers and we are adding over a hundred new members every day. Strategy Publishers who actively promote their strategies through Facebook, Twitter, personal websites, blogs, and forums will significantly increase their chances of earning more money in strategy sales. 

Preview Strategies
No other site offers a free Preview service where potential subscribers can track a strategy by receiving delayed signals. Upgrading is simple and can be done at anytime during the Preview process, allowing potential subscribers build confidence in your system until ready to become full subscribers. The preview mode allows buyers to see the below information about your strategy.

Creating a strategy with Zignals is completely risk free
It’s important to note at this stage that there is zero financial risk to strategy sellers on Zignals. Strategies can be created for free and creators are welcome to use our extensive set of free investor tools for guidance and support. However, our Premium strategy services can give you an additional edge in the MarketPlace, introducing Patent Pending technologies to help you find the best opportunities in the Market.

Your Zignals membership gives you free access to an amazing range of expert decision financial tools. You also, become a part of an expert knowledge-sharing trader community. Learn how to manage a portfolio using a realtime stock and forex portfolio simulator

Learn about fundamental and technical analysis by reading our expert blog

Financial remuneration throughout the process is a uniquely beneficial reward for sharing your newfound skills and trading knowledge. Zignals can continue to grow as a company as long as we have the best talent on our site, so it is our priority to offer the most facilitating and efficient learning environment to our members. This comes across in our innovative approach to the entire site.

Set up a free profile!
Registering is free, quick, and easy. If you have trouble registering you can watch a short help video here. Remember, choose a username that you would like to use to sell your strategies. This is the name you will be using to attract buyers!

Get acquainted with Zignals investor tools
We have a large range of free expert tools on Zignals. Some of which you will use when developing your strategies, some of which you will not. To get your bearings and to find out how the tools work - begin exploring. Here are some brief introductory videos for the different tools you can begin using to develop your managed strategy

- How to use your home page
- How to set up a watchlist for stocks, commodities, and forex pairs
- How to open and view stock charts
- How to optimise your search settings (important)
- How to set up and manage stock price alerts
- How to use the fundamental stock screener (now with technical indicators!)

There are 3 paths you can take to build a strategy to sell:

Path 1 Managed Strategies

Create a Public Portfolio

The sand-box approach is our free strategy builder. Using our Portfolio application you can trade any stock or currency pair at any time of the day, set pre-market or conditional orders, maintain fixed targets and stops or trade freeform. With Zignals Managed Strategies the only limitation is your own skill. The signals from generated from your trading on the public portfolio generates trade signals. These signals are what buyers of your strategy will be paying for. Click here for more information.

The steps are simple

Path 2 - StrategyStudio

Rule-based strategy builder

A simple drag-and-drop interface allows for the rapid development of complex, multi-path strategies. Signals can be created using technical rules governing trend, momentum and volume, candlestick patterns, or unique customized Patterns built by out Patent Pending PatternDNA application. Exits are governed by volatility based rules and new trade entries are created after the market closes. StrategyGenius belongs to our Premium package and access to it, PatternDNA and Trade Timer comes all inclusive at $9.95 a month. Click here for more information.

Path 3 External Signals

Excel macros

The final option is geared more towards traders who trade using Metatrader or employ Excel Macros to generate trade signals. Our External Signals Platform offers support for both Metatrader and Excel and can be fined tuned using manual trade signals too.

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The Zignals MarketPlace for trading strategies is a revolutionary new tool and we want you to be a part of its growth, development, and success from the start. Good luck trading

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