Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Profit with Zignals for free - Create and sell your own trading strategies

Why should I create a strategy on Zignals?

Let's be clear, by creating a strategy with Zignals you are essentially creating a sellable product. This product, which is a strategy that generates email trade signals for your subscribers, when sold, can generate new streams of revenue and income.

Create Managed Strategy - A realtime strategy. Your ongoing virtual trades in Zignals are used to generate realtime trade signals for your subscribers.

Create Rule-Based Strategy - An automatic strategy. Define the rules for your strategy and publish it once. The strategy is on 'autopilot' then and will generate trade signals into the future when your entry/exit criteria for a trade are met.

Apart from having a polished, professional, and reliable new product to sell, there are several other reasons for creating a strategy with Zignals:
  • It costs nothing to build and sell rule-based strategies
  • Strategies can be set up and published in minutes
  • Potential subscribers can find your strategy using the Zignals marketplace
  • There is a very transparent 50/50 revenue share structure in place
  • You don't need programming experience to use our strategy builder
  • Zignals manages everything for you including the delivery of strategy trade signals
  • There is no limit to the amount of money you can make from subscriptions
  • You receive the trade signals also! So that you can trade your strategy
  • Subscription money goes directly to your paypal account
  • Use our extensive range of expert investor tools
Sounds far too easy. I'm quite skeptical and generally pessimistic about fantastical promises made on the internet...

A very welcome observation!

Zignals is not a 'get rick quick' site. Quite the opposite. It's a site that offers you the opportunity to sell your own strategies to as many people you want at the price you want. Zignals offers you every tool necessary to create and sell expert trading strategies. We offer you a genuine and feasible way to increase your monthly income.

However, we cannot guarantee sales - that's your job! It's no secret that goods and services need to be promoted to attract buyers and drive sales. Strategies are no different. Luckily for you, it won't be hard. Think of the extensive networks of friends, family, and colleagues that you have built up over the years. If you have a website, you have a strategy selling platform. If you have a blog, you have a strategy showroom. If you have a few hundred followers and friends on social media sites (and the ability to type), you have a plethora of potential subscribers at easy reach.

In essence, your Zignals strategy can encapsulate your trading talent, knowledge, and industry experience in a single sellable product. A product that enables your subscribers to mirror your strategys' performance.

Leverage your connections to maximise your sales. You could create a great strategy for $5 and offer it to friends and family, or you could create a strategy for $100 and sell it to your existing clients/investors. You can package strategies in any number of ways to achieve your sales targets. Keep in mind that the strategy you are selling, if it's a good strategy, has real value to those who buy it and act on its signals.

How do I promote my strategy?

Websites and blogs are excellent places to start. Your goal is to make your strategy as visible as possible - especially if your strategy returns are great! Websites allow you to create your own promotional material so you should take advantage of that flexibility. Maybe create a strategy section on your site, describe your strategies, outline what investors they will suit, and ultimately offer links to subscribe to the strategy.

Get Social!
You've probably got hundreds of friends and followers on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Buzz, MySpace and Linkedin. These are fantastic channels to use when promoting your strategies. From your the strategies on your Zignals homepage, you can click the Tweet or Like button to begin showcasing your strategies.


How do I differentiate my strategies?
Think - how are you going to reach people who need a great strategy to invest in? Get imaginative! Why not set up a dedicated Facebook page for your strategies? Why not create a video to explain and promote your strategies? Free resources such as the below offer ample options to showcase your strategy and reach a market of potential subscribers:

Example of a dedicated facebook page:

Find your USP
Ask yourself, 'why should someone choose your strategy when there are hundreds on Zignals'.
Have you got special expertise in a particular industry?
Have you managed money professionally?
Have you had previous successes with a personal portfolio?
Are you offering amazing value?
Have you years of experience?

These are just some of the questions you can ask yourself to determine what makes your strategy different and valuable to others. It's then up to you to let everyone know about it!

You can do it! A little effort could pay significant dividends. As there is zero financial risk and you probably don't manage a billion dollar portfolio - it makes sense to see if you have the skill and drive to create a successful strategy selling business.

Zignals will gladly be your new business partner.

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