Friday, July 1, 2011

News, Tweets, and Charts - all in one tool at Zignals

NewsStreams brings News, Tweets and Charts under one roof!
  • Connect to Twitter
  • ChartStream
  • Multiple Stocks per Channel
  • Real-time pricing
  • Custom Channel View
  • Help Video
Updated features
  • New Data Management in Portfolio
  • Quick Start and Full Tutorial Videos
  • Report Bad Data

Twitter Support

Track the latest tweets of your favourite stocks or currency pairs, or find your next trading idea from the financial community at large. NewsStreams brings the best of Twitter, blogs (RSS) and financial news together as one. Bagged a big winner? Share your opinions and a chart of your trade - perhaps annotated with its progress - and tweet it without ever having to leave NewsStreams; a simple one-time login keeps your Twitter account active in NewsStreams. Have a Strategy you would like to promote? Share your home page link and performance summary to attract previewers and eventual subscribers.


Take advantage of the 3,500+ charts available on Zignals; simply click the chart icon at the head of each communication channel to open a mini-chart channel for the stock or currency pair. Click the mini-chart to get a full screen view with live data. Like the chart? Give it a vote and share your ranking with the chart author.

Multiple Stocks in One Channel

Use customisable Zignals Stocklists to create channels featuring multiple stocks. Create your own specialist list of stocks and get the latest market opinion on them; what's hot and what's not...

Real-time Pricing

With real-time pricing at the head of each stock channel you can view market reaction to price changes as it happens - never have to find the cause of a price move, let NewsStreams bring this information to you.

Custom Channel View

Drag-and-drop channels to your required view. By bringing a channel into the grouping highlighted by the blue border it will become visible on your screen.

Help Video

Learn how to post a chart, promote a strategy, or add an RSS feed to your NewsStreams account with the full length video tutorial or see how Twitter works with NewsStreams in the Quick Start video.

Enhanced Portfolio Management

Portfolio offers some new data management capabilities. You can view specific data within a column, or can group categories together to build subsets of data.

For example, you can group all strategy signals by stock, or view grouped buy and sell trades. Check the Grouping box and drag-and-drop sort categories. Break your trading down by as many parameters as there are choices in Portfolio!

Quick Start and Full Tutorial Videos

All applications now offer Quick Start (less than 5-minute videos) and full length Tutorial videos. Get help on Searching for a Strategy, Building a Managed Strategy, Building an automated StrategyStudio Strategy, MarketPortal, Alerts, Charts, Screener, Portfolio, Watchlist, NewsStreams, TradeTimer and PatternDNA. New meta FAQs are also available for Finding-a-Strategy and Premium tools.

Report Bad Data

Help keep gremlins out of our data! Our Report Bad Data allows you to highlight a trouble spot on the charts and send it to us for fixing. Just click-and-go.

If you have ideas and suggestions as to what you would like to see us do next, drop us a line at or

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