Monday, November 15, 2010

Take a Trading Strategy for a Test Drive

Committing to a trading strategy suited to your individual needs is a decision which requires time and trust. Trust can't be earned without access to verifiable information and time to track performance. We consider it essential for you to have the access you require to help you make an informed decision. Our new preVIEW mode is your introduction to our Publisher's strategies. See how their strategy or strategies have performed with full performance data and historic trade signals. Take your time, become familiar and make a decision with fullest of confidence. View our current leading strategies.

PreVIEW gives you unlimited, FREE access to detailed historic performance and trade signals for strategies of interest. A weekly email gives you all the delayed signals from the prior week, with an upgrade to the full subscription offering signals in real-time.

See how trades perform, how risk is managed and where profits are taken. If you like what you see - upgrade to the full subscription. Take your time - access to preVIEW is unlimited

Strongest Market Leaders

Our new Leaderboard has expanded coverage of the leading strategies for each of our core markets. See which strategies have performed strongest over the life of the strategy ("Cream of the Crop") or the past 3 months ("What's Hot") and see which strategies are active generating signals with our signal ticker tracker.

A Second Chance
For those who had enjoyed free strategy subscriptions during our Beta phase, preVIEW is a chance to re-engage with your favourite strategies and Publishers.

There is no limit to the number of strategies you can preVIEW, or how long you can stay in preVIEW mode.

Take a look at our new look Leaderboard and find the best performing strategies for your market.

Start PreVIEWing today!

Follow us on twitter here How to Get Started with Zignals Build a trading strategy in Zignals and potentially earn money too; download our Build a Trading Strategy PDF and get selling (and trading) today!

Dr. Declan Fallon, Senior Market Technician for, offers a range of stock trading strategies via his Zignals home page. Each Zignals member has an unique home page which they can share with friends and clients to sell their strategies.

Zignals offers a full suite of financial services including price and fundamental stock alerts, stock charts for Indian, Australian, Frankfurt, Euronext, UK, Ireland and Canadian stocks, tabbed stock quote watchlists, multi-currency portfolio manager, active stock screener with fundamental trading strategy support and trading system builder. Forex, precious metal and energy commodities too. Build your own trading system and sell your trading strategy in our MarketPlace to earn real cash. Read what others are saying about Zignals on JOIN US TODAY - IT'S FREE!

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