Wednesday, November 24, 2010

MultiView Charts and Stock Quotes Page

Multiple Charts - One View

Thanks to your feedback we have now made spotting the next big mover easier with our new Multiview . Select one of your personalised (or Zignals) stocklists and the screen will populate with a chart for each stock on your list; four charts to a screen.

Mouse over an individual chart to get price data; click a chart to be taken to a full screen view.

Watch breakouts as they occur in Multiview.

In addition to Multiview, you can also track Trading Ideas, Alerts and Strategy Signals with our new signal-timeline available below the price chart. A drop-down menu to the right allows for quick switching between signal types. Selecting an individual signal offers details for that signal.

Quotes and More; Profitable Strategies - Instant Prices. All at the Click of a Button.

It doesn't get easier than this - FREE, real-time stock quotes and profitable trade signals. PreVIEW for FREE, any of the strategies trading the stock and get all the signals delivered to you; upgrade your PreVIEW for real-time signals. No Strategies available? Be the first and build your own strategy and earn from sales.

Zignals Quote pages doesn't just offer strategy signals, comprehensive fundamentals, analyst opinion and estimates - with Zignals Quotes you get:

• A complete list of all trading strategies featuring the stock over the past year
• Individual trade performance of stock from each strategy
• Predicted next-day performance based on past 5-day trading Pattern.
• Day Trade swing meter and technical outlook
• Fundamental percentile ranking with respect to sector and the broader market.
• Latest opinion via Twitter

In addition to checking a price quote you can create an Alert, plot a Chart, or Pattern analyse the stock in question.

Any Other Business

MarketPortal - New Look Publisher Widget

Following the launch of preViEW we have given the Strategy Publisher widget a fresh look. Publishers can now view the number of subscribers and see who is preVIEWing each of their strategies but hasn't committed to subscribing yet.

Thanks to the feedback from of our Publishers we have now enabled custom signal delivery of published strategies. Just get the signals you want.

Portfolio - Edit and Delete a Transaction

You can edit or delete a transaction from the main menu. When you select a transaction the Edit and Delete Trade buttons will be available.

Help Video

See how the Stock Quote Page works

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