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Zignals Trading Strategies That Work; The Individual Trading Idea

While trading strategies are one aspect of the equation, another is the trading idea; individual stocks on the move because of momentum, breakouts or reactions to positive news (e.g. FDA approval). I keep a regular track of stocks making moves past resistance on volume. How have some of these performed?

SIG was one of 18 breakouts from March 26th and at the time I had marked it "best of the bunch". The stock breakout followed the quaint concept of making a profit. The current Trading Idea is still in play with a target price of $35.99.

Zignals Chart Image

QLTY made a break on April 1st following a 'Buy' rating. It finished that day at $6.50 and has since pushed on to challenge $7.75. The measured move target of $9.45 is still there for the taking, although it is looking extended in the near term.

Zignals Chart Image

One of my Irish Trading Ideas performing well is Aryzta (YZA). Another buying opportunity looks ready to present once the current "bull flag" resolves. A stop can be placed on a loss of the "bull flag" low which will also protect the profits from the original Trading Idea.

Zignals Chart Image

If you would like to follow my Trading Ideas you can simply click the [Follow] button at the end of my list of stock ideas.

The Zignals Trading Strategies had a busy day with a host of new signals across nearly all of the strategies tracked.


Short Entry for CMJ (Sydney) at AU$3.15

ASX Price x 20-day MA

Long Confirmation Entry for LEI (Sydney) at AU$38.73
Long Entry for TLS (Sydney) at AU$3.04

Developing a Strategy

Long Confirmation Entry for MSFT (Nasdaq) at $29.40

Forex High Winners

Long Confirmation Entry for NZDUSD (FX) at 0.7070

Frankfurt High Winners

New Long Target and Stop for LHA (Frankfurt) at €12.96 (EoD): Target €14.33, Stop €12.37
Long Confirmation Entry for SAZ (Frankfurt) at €29.76


New Long Target and Stop for TBK (London) at 570p (EoD): Target 628p, Stop 514p

India Oak

Short Confirmation Entry for ONGC (Mumbai) at INR1085.2
Short Exit at Stop for ESRO (Mumbai) at INR149.1
Short Entry for WRWDT (Mumbai) at INR1518.8

Indian High Winners

Long Exit at Trailing Stop for WRWDT (Mumbai) at INR1515.8
New Long Target and Stop for ESRO (Mumbai) at INR150.6 (EoD): Target INR169.2, Stop INR146.2

My First Subscribed Strategy

New Long Target and Stop for C (NYSE) at $4.48 (EoD): Target $5.16, Stop $3.82
Long Confirmation Entry for WMT (NYSE) at $55.40

UK Golden Brown

Long Confirmation Entry for BBAY (London) at 363p

UK High Winners

Long Entry for NARS (London) at 90p
Long Unacted Entry for BBAY (London) at 363p (EoD): Entry signal given, but exited position on same stock too recently (5) days ago.

US Elm

New Long Target and Stop for C (NYSE) at $4.48 (EoD): Target $4.94, Stop $4.04
Long Entry for HPQ (NYSE) at $53.21

US High Winners

Long Confirmation Entry for MSFT (Nasdaq) at $29.40

US Strength

Long Confirmation Entry for WMT (NYSE) at $55.40

US Uber Win

Long Confirmation Entry for KO (NYSE) at $53.89

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