Friday, January 9, 2009

Top 5s of 2008

Five most popular articles by viewership

[1] Strategy Lab: Buy cross of 200-day MA / 50-day MA; Sell on 15% gain
[2] S&P Moving Average Behavior
[3] S&P Moving Average Behavior Revisited
[4] A 2009 Depression Investment
[5] The Buffett Way

Five most popular articles as voted by FeedtheBull.

[1] Buy-and-Hold dead? I don't think so.
[2] Mark McRae: The Zignals Way
[3] Psychology of a bottom without Fear.
[4] Zignals Strategy: 5-day EMA crossover of 10-day EMA
[5] Global Panic - But don't lose sight of Opportunity

Top 5 US Stocks of 2008 (well to Jan 8th 2009...)

Only one is not a penny stock and it comes in at [5]

[1] Anadys Pharmaceuticals (ANDS)
[2] Emergent Group (LZR)
[3] Quantum Fueld Systems Techologies Worldwide (QTWW)
[4] IDM Pharma (IDMI)
[5] NCI Inc (NCIT)

Top 5 US Stocks of 2008 above $10 (also to Jan 8th 2009...)

[1] NCI Inc (NCIT)
[2] Sequenom (SQNM)
[3] Mexco Energy Corp (MXC) - look at where it was trading in May 2008

[4] American Italian Pasta (AIPC)
[5] Emergent BioSolutions (EBS)

Top 5 Site referrers

[1] (Surprise Surprise!)
[2] Fallondpicks Blog
[3] TraderFeed
[4] Newsflashr
[5] Cobra's Market View

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