Wednesday, October 22, 2008

News from the Blogosphere

Opportunities for the brave, but will you stand up and be counted.

How can the Fed pop bubbles?

Barry's warning for buyers of dividends.

Not so Fast Money.

"Economists are predicting a severe global recession". Climbing the wall of worry.

Sterling's rout

"What kind of Crash have we?" was featured on the LivingAlmostLarge blog.

Cobra's "inside day" looks to have broken down.

CXO looks at Short Interest and Analyst recommendations:

Investors can boost abnormal returns by combining analyst recommendations and short interest (double-sorting first on the former and then on the latter), with the largest returns occurring when short sellers disagree with analyst recommendations.

Hungary's 11.5% Base Interest Rate following 3% hike (ouch!)

What happens when the VIX (Volatiltiy) drops 20% in one day.

The Starbucks Theory of International Economics.

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