Monday, October 20, 2008

George Soros Portfolio

In September I took a look at Warren Buffett's stock holdings. In this post I will look at George Soros's stocks. The information was pulled from Stockpickr and is ehhh... not the most up to date given his third greatest holding was that bastion of financial security, Lehmans. The 13F on which the holdings were pulled were current for June 20th of this year - I suspect things have changed a little since....

Topping his holdings is Petroleo Brasileiro S.A. (PBR). The stock has given back nearly all of its 2007 run up but is currently trading at support of a modest up trend dating back to 2005. The stock is also trading near support of a broadening wedge which encompassed the crash of 2008. The stock yields a disappointing 0.30% but the company did report record oil production for September.

His second company is Potash Sakatche (POT). Another poor yielding stock (0.5%). Joe Terranova of CNBC's Fast Money suggest's this as a long pick but it has an ugly chart - the kind of chart which rarely recovers in a short space of time. That is not to say it doesn't trade at value, but it might be best to practice patience with it:

Ignoring Lehman which was his third biggest holding, his third big holding is Conocophillips (COP). The stock has in the past few years moved in steps. The first took it to $50-70, the next to $70-90 before the final push above $90 proved a step too far and it fell back into the $50s. The stock was upgraded by Oppenheimer and Credit Suisse.

An interesting holding of his is Wind River Systems (WIND). Unlike the aforementioned stocks it hasn't crashed down from a high (the stock last traded at an high in 2005). There is a trading range dating back to 2006 which was breached at the January low, but held on the subsequent retest of the January low. Prices now trade at this support level - the question is whether it holds here or makes another push to the January low? There were postive rumblings by David Penn at back in September, but since then the stock has given up an additional 15% discount. Is it worth it?

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