Tuesday, September 9, 2008

News from the Blogosphere

No need to harp on about the Freddie Mac / Fannie May Bailout. What else is out there?

Trader's Narrative is of talk of a bottom in the Dow; it's a compelling argument.

Mish posts a bleak outlook on the job market. The retailing outlook for Q4 is the most telling.

Asian markets struggling with the post-bailout hangover. Although as of 6:20 am ET US futures point to a brighter open.

Today's data to add to the turmoil

CXO runs a piece on the futility of timing emerging equity markets

...very small numbers of extreme return days have a massive impact on long-term stock returns in emerging markets. The naive probability of predicting which days will be extreme is very low.

(Via Abnormal Returns). Citigroup recommends investors put 55% of their stock portfolio in foreign stocks. So, should foreign investors stay away from US stocks?

Barry reports a US recession probability of 95%. But Intrader's don't see this happening this year.

Headlinecharts reproduces a potential bottom marker by Mile Burke; Monday wasn't one such bottom.

(Via FT Alphaville) Throwing good money after bad...

(Via FT Alphaville). Fed action was good news for UK and Irish banks.

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