Thursday, September 4, 2008

Guru watch

CXO Advisory Group monitors a lenghty list of Gurus and their related market calls. But the rankings are misleading for the reasons given below. The current list of leading gurus who have an accuracy call of 50% or higher is given below.

So for this week's post I took a look at the top three Gurus to see what they were promoting and suggesting how Zignals can help you profit from it.

Leading the pack was David Nassar, but his MarketWise is tucked behind a subscription-wall. He doesn't appear to have penned much for Marketwatch in recent times. His ranking is under question since his calls can't be found in the "public archives" as required for inclusion in the list.

Next up was James Oberweis at Zack's. Again, he has his own sideshow at Oberweis Securities with a number of emerging market and micro- to mid-cap funds available. But over at Zacks his last contribution was in November 2007. So we need to scratch him off the list (CXO Advisory - I think you need to revise your definition of Guru calls....)

Third was Ken Fisher at His other venture is at Fisher Investments - if you have the eyes to read the small font. His most recent commentary from September 1st was

I'd bet we're most of the way through to the end of this bear market. And after bear markets end, the initial upswings come fast and steep. It would be risk to get out now and end up being whipsawed -- that is , exposed to most of the decline but absent for most of the recovery. Now is the time for patience.

Ken penned a piece for Forbes naming five Blue Chip stocks for consideration. These stock charts can be emailed to you (see below) and alerts can be set where necessary. Mailed charts will update with the latest price on record with the annotations on the chart.

If you would like these charts emailed to you with these comments please drop me a line ( Lets hope Ken keeps some of his picks public in his new job.

***Udpate: CXO Advisory published a piece on Ken Fisher's returns yesterday; not bad is the summary ***

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Declan ( said...

I received a clarification from Jim Oberweis and their stocks picks are available from their monthly advisory service.

"I saw your post, but perhaps the service tracks our picks from our monthly advisory letter. I spend most of my time picking stocks, so I am not likely am familar as you with how these services track our picks. Rest assured we have continuous stock picks.