Monday, July 21, 2008

News from the Blogosphere

No shortage of action last week.

Gannon on Investing has returned to Blogging; his most recent article was a snapshot poll of four bloggers and how they have performed + their opinions on the market.

CXO Advisory's recent paper review suggests the average investor would boost returns using a passive strategy over and active one.

CXO Advisory also reported blogger sentiment is largely non-predictive for future market direction.

Abnormal Returns linkfest:

  • MSM calling a bottom in financials - Barry Ritholtz is skeptical, it's "a" bottom not "the" bottom.

  • Adam gets angry (sort-of).

  • Blogging for money on Apple.

    Yong Pan is looking at Tuesday's lows for a retest

    Beware of 'dull' preferred stocks.

    When commodity stocks peak, it usually isn't long before the commodity itself follows them lower.

    But the long term commodity trend remains clear

    Sector 'buy' signals - but not all is rosy.

    Sector rotation favors an intermediate term rally.

    "10 Billion Barrels of British Oil Ready to Drill" - but don't forget to read the small print.

    Banking crisis a la European flavor (via FT Alphaville)

    UK Housing crisis got another two years to run? (via FT Alphaville)

    Job losses could hit the UK hardest (via FT Alphaville).

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