Monday, July 14, 2008

News from the Blogosphere

CXO Advisory reports mutual fund investors can better their odds of beating the benchmarks by buying funds with expense ratios that are lowest within category.

No shortage of Fannie and Freddie news.

Why you don't want to be short Fannie and Freddie.

And further problems for Irish Banks, although there may be a silver lining for Bradford and Bingley on a rumored offer for Alliance and Leicester.

When it comes to investing, best to do it yourself (with the help of Zignals).

On market news, Yong Pan considers there is another leg of the downtrend to go before a bottom is in place.

(Via Abnormal Returns). Is Euronext a buy?

(Via Abormal Returns). How about Biotech, Water and Solar, and Medical Devices?

Vix and More calls a 'Buy'

HeadlineCharts sees contrarian signals which favors bulls.

In times of crisis, stick to the basics.

Time to buy pieces of eight.

10 Great Online Stock Broker Advertisements.

Options expiration this week for US markets may be volatile.

Disciplined Investing will be hosting this weeks' stock blog carnival

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