Monday, June 30, 2008

News from the Blogosphere

CXO Advisory group summarises a research paper using sector ETFs to take advantage of sector momentum.

Plenty of Monday reading material from Abnormal Returns linkfest; some samples:

  • Barry Ritholtz questions the logic of the 20% drop = bear market.

  • What will $200 oil mean for you?

  • Monetizing "Abnormal Returns"

    Maoxian reports on impacts of higher gas prices on demand in Beijing: zero

    Paul Kedrosky sourced; Adjusting to $7 gas in America

    Tim Sykes: 99% of OTCBB, Pink Sheet Stocks and Stocks under $5 are Scams, Schemes & Frauds. Take home message: buyer beware of low priced stocks.

    VixandMore: Investors Business Daily wrap goes from Green to Yellow.

    (Via Headlinecharts): Ken Tower neutral following Dow sell off

    FT Alphaville's lunch wrap:

  • Young fund managers take more risk.

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