Thursday, May 15, 2008

Future History – an oxymoron III

Last I talked briefly about Food.

In plotting investment strategy we need to look ahead to what might be: -

• The next big trend
• The fashion in investment circles and how this is going to be sold to the
• If broadly similar circumstances arose before how they can be,
or should they be, applied to the future
• Is there a cycle that has sufficient regularity to be of use?
So back to food

The world needs more now and will require even more out into the future.

• Why – the world population will grow ( barring a catastrophe or
Wide spread disease or war)
• Asia, Latin America and later Africa, in moving from an income of
X per day to 2 X, will eat more and want a more varied diet

• Climate change will, most likely, periodically impact negatively on food
production from some traditional food suppliers.

• Politics and World Trade Agreements will inevitably distort the
production of food in the developing countries.

As we said last time – Follow the Food Trail.

Has the time of GM food finally come?

Health Impacts caused by Climate Change
Climate Vulnerability; Oxford University
Guardian newspaper: Food crisis more pressing than climate change
Telegraph newspaper: Embracing GM foods
The case against GM foods for solving Food Poverty

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