Thursday, May 8, 2008

Future History - an oxymoron II

Ideas can be big or small but the impact of either can be world influencing.
How about the Paper Clip or the Theory of Relativity?

In dealing with fundamental ideas, commodities and precious metals typically grab the headlines, but of considerable (and often neglected) importance is food and water.

Food and water – something we take for granted - especially if you live, as I do, in Ireland, that tiny island off Europe.

The world has over 9 billion - 9,000,000,000 - people with one quarter living in India and China.

To feed and water so many requires great effort – so where can such effort come from?

Many countries are self sufficient or could be with proper organization. The big breadbasket countries will need to increase production to keep pace BUT the bugbear here, in recent times, has been the weather.

The investment implications are many – follow the food trail to South America, Australia, Vietnam, Thailand and of course the US and Canada.

Where will Europe figure in all of this? Producing surpluses of wine and olive oil (and perhaps politics) won’t help, so has the time come for a fundamental change in agricultural policy?

It would appear to be an issue of great urgency


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