Monday, July 28, 2008

News from the Blogosphere

A "Thank you" to Brett's Traderfeed for his 'Colbert Bump' over the weekend.

Sastre may be flying the flag for Spain this weekend, but trouble brews in its banking sector (Via FT Alphaville)

The credit curse spreads to antipodean shores (Via FT Alphaville)

Japanese carmakers showing some form.

Smirking option prices can reap rewards.

Two thirds of company earnings growth is efficiency growth not new investment growth.

Still want to buy (a) BRIC? (Via Abnormal Returns)

So what is the fair price of oil? (Via Abnormal Returns)

Kirk Report shows Financials at moving average resistance, US Oil Fund at channel support.

Go long Craigslist (Via Abnormal Returns)

Nasdaq still overbought?

Financials have done most of the leg work for this July rally?

Investor's Intelligence Newsletter shows record pessimism (contrarian bullish).

Burgernomics says sell Euros buy Yen (via Infectious Greed)

Are Wordpress' days numbered? (Via Maoxian)

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