Monday, September 6, 2010

Trading: Using Google Trends to find Sentiment Data.

Sentiment has long been discussed as a contrary indicator. So i decided to have a look at some Google search trends to see if it can help with forecast .

I think the biggest advantages that Google Trends has as a sentiment indicators is its rate of change and ability to customize what your looking to gage by typing in different search terms. . Most sentiment indicators are lagging but Google Trends is as close to instant as you can get.


Worldwide search for the term 'stocks' is at its lowest point in 6 years.But news coverage has consistency been climbing.

Search for 'S&P500' is trending down. Similar results for Nasdaq and DJIA, with 'FTSE' saying about level to its long term average.
Looking her to find what the general publics attitude towards Trading different asset classes.

Bond bubble vs gold bubble.

These are just a few of the trends I am looking at.

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