Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Active Stock Screener: Dividend and Earnings

As the market works a tradable bottom I took a look back over the past couple of weeks to see what stocks have emerged in our active stock screen. The scan looks for US stocks with an annual change in revenue of 25% or more and a dividend yield of at least 5%.

A few stocks fell out of the loop, but not all because of loss of merit:

Ine of the stocks to go was Blackstone Group (BX). The last dividend payment was cut from $0.30 to $0.10. It wasn't long before the stock soon lost $12 support, but the drop in price wasn't enough to recover its dividend yield. Could be a while before this regains its status.

Baytex Energy (BTE.UN) made its appearance in the June feature. Over the past month the stock has evolved from a trading range to bullish ascending triangle. With the rise in price the yield has dropped below the 5% threshold of the scan, but the stock is well placed to challenge resistance at $33.75.

Zignals Chart Image

Altria Group (MO) pushed to a new high and continues to trend higher despite the lower relative return in annual revenue growth. The healthy yield at 6% will keep bulls interested.

New additions to the list:

What Great Northern Iron (GNI) loses in price growth it makes up for in its increased yield, currently at 9.7%. The last two quarterly dividends were $2.75 and $2.00. What does it do?

Great Northern Iron Ore Properties owns and leases mineral and nonmineral lands on the Mesabi Iron Range in northeastern Minnesota. As of December 31, 2009, it owned mineral interests in 12,033 acres on the Mesabi Iron Range Formation, including approximately 7,443 acres that are wholly owned. The company was founded in 1906 and is based in Saint Paul, Minnesota.
But looking at a chart for 2010 does not set the heart on fire - one big trading range with prices caught in the middle.

Zignals Chart Image

The stock is not tracked by analysts and doesn't have an analyst estimate target. The 2007 high of $145 is probably as-good-as-it-gets upside target to use for the next year or two.

Israeli company, Mind CTI (MNDO), crept in to the scan results following two recent dividend payments which shot the yield to 40%! The stock does not make regular dividend payments so going forward there may not be another dividend payment for quite some time. What does the company do?

Mind C.T.I. Ltd. develops, manufactures, and markets real-time and off-line billing and customer care software for various types of communication providers. The company offers billing and customer care solution supports multiple services, including voice, data, and content services, as well as prepaid and postpaid payment models in a single platform. It also provides a workflow engine to support the creation and execution of business processes, such as order management, trouble ticket, and debt collection. In addition, the company offers an integral point of sale solution that comprises dealer, store, and cashier management and sales processes.

Traders will like the chart more than investors; a volatile thinly traded stock. Tightening price action forming a 'pennant' sets up tension for a big move to follow. Support and Resistance are easily defined and setting a Zignals Stock Alert for a break of $2.00 and $1.90 will keep you informed when it comes.

Zignals Chart Image

The stock is not tracked by analysts given its low price and lack of liquidity.

These are just a few of the stock ideas our Fundamental Trading System (aka Active Stock Screen) can offer you with its daily email updates. Just set one up and let it run...

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