Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Zignals and IP Ventures Celebrate Their Success

Zignals goes live with the commercial marketplace for trading strategies - an "eBay of Finance"

Zignals is celebrating its 2-year anniversary launch with the release of its keystone service, the commercial MarketPlace for trading strategies. The MarketPlace is at the core of the Zignals world, offering members the opportunity to earn money in a 50:50 revenue share with Zignals.

Zignals is unique amongst online financial service providers by offering a total solution for global investors. From the launch of charts and alerts in 2008, members now have available to them a portfolio manager, stock screener, trading strategy builder and the newly minted MarketPlace with new services like the Trade Timer due for release soon.

All trading strategies published by Zignals members are available for purchase in the MarketPlace. As a hook to populate the MarketPlace, all Publishers of trading strategies get their strategy trading signals for free. To help publicise individual strategies, each member's home page is not just a source of information on their alerts, strategies and portfolios - but is also a marketing page to allow members share their strategies with prospective subscribers.

Pat Brazel, CEO of Zignals, “If you’re a super-smart financial whiz with time on your hands to build strategies for trading stocks, we act as your agent, and for investors disappointed with other sources of trading advice, we offer a marketplace where the best trading strategies can be found.”

One of the challenges facing Zignals is bringing data-heavy services frequently found only at institutional investment houses to the desktop of retail investors in a fast, responsive manner. Microsoft's IP Ventures Program, celebrating its 5-year anniversary, was able to help.

“Most people are stunned at how fast our performance is when you consider everything that it’s doing,” Brazel says. “And that’s in no small measure due to the Microsoft technologies we used."

In addition, Zignals user interface is built on Microsoft's web-based, Silverlight.

"Silverlight addresses the needs of Web-based traders better than any other technology. Not only does it look great, but the practical advantages of a zero-footprint, no-install implementation are immense."

Zignals isn't resting on its laurels. A new free-in-beta premium service, Trade Timer, is set for release with a feature set unique to any financial application. Zignals members will be able to test trade triggers across a range of stocks for a selected risk management strategy.

With 20,000 members and growing, Zignals offers opportunity and support for investors and traders across the globe to prosper - from building and selling trading strategies, tracking portfolios, charting stocks, to market alerts and active stock scans. Zignals has it all.

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