Friday, February 12, 2010

Zignals Trading Strategies That Work

With upswing and recent channel breaks in the markets there were a number of new trading strategy signals generated. A small sample of these signals is given below, but if you are looking to try a trading strategy for yourself then head over to our MarketPlace and find your system today.

IncomeKing saw a number of new long signals. The first of which was for Apple (AAPL). AAPL has recovered well from its lows over the course recession, building a solid handle at 2008 highs. Because of this strength I have offered a trading idea for a measured move to $319 with a stop on a loss of $190, but it will be interesting to see how far this trade signal takes it for IncomeKing.

UK Movers 1 had a long entry for Vodafone (VOD). Not for the first time to see Vodafone on a buy signal. There is an existing call of mine from January 20th for a push to 144.35p, but this idea looks conservative with the bigger prize a measured move to 2008 highs around 195p an improving proposition. Since last October the stock has traded in the upper range of its consolidation - a bullish sign. Even if this was to fall it should see support at rising triangle support, currently at 125p.

Forex Bull Trender had a couple of unacted long entries for EURUSD and GBPUSD for February 9th with a confirmed entry for NZDUSD. The NZDUSD trade-signal is given the New Zealand Dollar hasn't the same level of uncertainty attached to it as the Euro, Dollar or even Sterling. The currency pair is working off a consolidation after a well maintained rally. It has the potential to rise to parity, but how far the trade signal takes this is another matter. With it trading near broadening wedge support, long-side positions are favoured.

US High Winners had a number of long signal entries, most recent of which were for BA and CAT.

The case for BA doesn't look good. While still holding above rising support from the March lows there is evidence for the development of a bearish wedge over the course of this rally, with a bear flag for the past week thrown into the mix. The most likely outcome here is a stop hit - but let the market decide.

The second long signal was for CAT. Unlike Boeing, Caterpillar has a more sustainable long term trend to work from with a recent breakout from the 2010 nascent downtrend. The break of $60 in the early weeks of 2010 has the look of a more permanent top so a retest of the highs is perhaps the best bet, although it may struggle to get past $62.

Food for thought for Friday's trading day. Find your trading strategy and pick your favoured trades; creating and subscribing-to trading strategies is free during beta. Zignals is free to use and join.

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