Thursday, January 28, 2010

Zignals Trading Strategies That Work

This week's sample trading strategy signals come from the 108 trading systems listed in the Advanced-Search Stragies of the Zignals MarketPlace.

Short Trender [December] New Short Target and Stop for CSCO (Nasdaq) at $22.67 (EoD): Target $19.24, Stop $24.45. Battle Royale in the $22.50-$22.85 support zone with bears winning today's battle (so far). Initial short trigger came on December 15th. A break of $22.55 sets up the possibility for a measured move down to $20.

UK High Winners New Long Target and Stop for CCT (London) at 83p (EoD): Target 94p, Stop 81p. Three days of solid gains on rising volume have pushed this up to 88p from 75p. Recent positive earnings will have helped drive the rally. The strategy purchased the stock at 75p on January 25th.

ASX Oak New Short Target and Stop for WPL (Sydney) at AU$43.01 (EoD): Target AU$38.50, Stop AU$47.06. This short trade was entered back in October 2009. The stock has seen recent troubles with a workers strike, but its the trend which is helping the trade most here.

Indian Strength Long Exit at Trailing Stop for TELCO (Mumbai) at INR724.3 (EoD). With markets acclerating their loses there have been a large number of stop exits. However, some of these exits have come away with some reasonable returns. In this example, Telco - bought on November 30th and sold on Wednesday's close - returned 13%.

ISEQ Elm Long Exit at Trailing Stop for DCC (ISEQ) at €18.86 (EoD). A successful long trade - although it was unfortunate there wan't other long signals to take advantage of the well defined channel. Trade was entered at the end of November and exited on January 26th for a modest 4.6% gain. Given weakness in other markets the stop hit is looking prudent.

How have your trading strategy performed? Find yours today.

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