Thursday, January 21, 2010

Zignals Trading Strategies That Work.

Here I present some of the trade signals triggered after yesterday's close and today, intraday, from a small portion of the 105 trading strategies available for subscribers from the Advanced Search - Strategies menu in the MarketPlace for Trading Strategies.

ETF Heaven - Medium Long Confirmation Entry for QID (NYSE). The inverse ETF of the QQQQs has yet to emerge from its $18.25-19.25 trading range, but once it does it will have room to run to $21s and possibly more. As a straight trading idea there is a 10%+ reward on a 4% risk.

bul-lock Long Entry for CREE (Nasdaq). Whether this will play out as a whipsaw trade given the sharp move down to up, there is at least a powerful bull trend to back the signal.

UK High Winners [December] New Long Target and Stop for NSR (London) at 46p (EoD): Target 52p, Stop 45p. This position was originally entered on January 4th at 42.08p and is up 12.9% as of today's price. The stock remains range bound by 37.50p support and 47.50p resistance. A break of 47.50p resistance would bring up a measured move target of 57.50p - but todays easing back of resistance won't help matters in the short term.

US Strength Target Notification Hit for SBUX (Nasdaq) at $24.19 (Intraday): Target $24.04 on 21Jan 14:30; Signal confirmation required at market close. The initial position was taken on 23rd November 2009 at $21.85 and today's pop triggered the intraday alert for the target price. However, since the open the stock has drifted below what was resistance at $23.81 and if this remains so into the close no confirmation trigger will be made. SBUX had announced earnings results above expectations after the close on Wednesday.

Indian Golden Brown Long Confirmation Entry for HALC (Mumbai). A solid looking entry with prices approaching the apex of a bullish flag (wedge?), contained within a larger bull channel. A suggested trading idea places a stop just below flag/wedge support with a buy on a break of flag/wedge resistance. One for Indian Traders.

This wraps the five ideas for this week.

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