Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Zignals Stock Charts: 7 Divided Elites from TheStockAdvisors

A post from TheStockAdvisors last Friday suggested seven stocks which have paying dividends for over 100 years, raised their dividend on an annual basis for the last 25 years and can be directly purchased. Given their potential for accumulative returns how have the stocks performed from a price perspective? Quotes directly from the article

[1] Coca-Cola (KO)

...its strong overseas business should get a lift from the weak dollar and presence in emerging markets. The yield of well over 3% enhances total-return appeal.

[2] Colgate-Palmolive (CL)

...takes a back seat to no company when it comes to consistency and growth of its dividend. The firm has been paying a dividend since 1895, with the dividend increased annually for the last 46 years.

[3] Exxon Mobile (XOM)

The firm has been paying a dividend since 1882 and has increased the dividend annually for the last 26 years. Strong cash flows should continue to fund a rising dividend stream; it currently yields 2.3%.

[4] Eli Lilly (LLY)

the stock appears to be discounting a lot of bad news. These shares trade at only seven times 2010 consensus earnings estimate of $4.54 per share. The stock’s current yield is 5.9%.

[5] PPG Industries (PPG)

Investors have bid these shares significantly higher from their March lows, and there is some downside risk should an earnings recovery be delayed. The stock has special appeal in the $40s.

[6] Stanley Works (SWK)

...may surprise some people with its stellar long-term dividend record. The company, best known for its tools, has paid a dividend since 1877 and has boosted that dividend in each of the last 42 years.

[7] Procter and Gamble (PG)

It appears that this insider is taking advantage of the rather sluggish price action to pick up shares. True, corporate insiders are often early in their buying, and this insider will have to be patient given what is likely lackluster price action in the near term.

TheStockAdvisors have provided an eclectic mix of opportunities. How will they perform during the seasonal 'weak' period? Will it be a chance to buy some value?

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