Monday, March 2, 2009

News from the Blogosphere

Wordle on Buffett letter.

Buffett Bashing; contrarian bullish?

AIG disintegrates - ehhh... "Split Up"

HSBC takes a slide, needs some cash - join the queue.

Self-interest at play in Europe.

Sector strength; "Broadcasting Radio"!

Pradeep provides other insights.

Cake or Death for Economists?

The commodity state of play; have they bottomed? (Disclosure: Personal - overpaid - position in USO; pesky contango)

Another Tough Month for the markets; no kidding!

Presidential election odds and the stock market for 2012.

Damned if you do - Damned if you don't.

Yen out of favour; double top confirmed (double bottom in USDJPY)

Another dividend takes a cut; this time from bellweather GE. That is one ugly chart.

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