Friday, February 20, 2009

News from the Blogosphere

Brett puts the case for Stagflation vs Inflation. Is gold the answer? Or is gold the 'new' oil of 2008?

Howard makes the case for Oil with TARP.

But there is a problem with the oil ETF, USO.

Commercial REITs to feel the pinch?

Not much optimisim from the UK.

The jolliness continues.

Dow Theory low confirmed; new target of 6,500.

The Advised versus the Self-directed investor:
The average net monthly return of self-directed portfolios exceeds that of advised portfolios by 0.24%. However, for common stocks positions only, the average net monthly return of advised investors exceeds that of advised investors by 0.07%.

First time I have heard of this, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Indicator; American models on the cover were associated with a greater average return in the S&P (+10.6%) than non-American models (+7.2%) but that was until last year.... This year sees an Israeli model grace the cover.

Cobra's Market View is awaiting volume confirmation of the lows; suggests more immediate downside is in the mix.

Dollar-cost-average a bust?

China chases resources.

Anglo American to let go 19,000 workers and shelve dividend. Miners taking it hard.

Rick Santelli gets his pitchfork.

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