Tuesday, January 27, 2009

News from the Blogosphere

As the markets look to find their footing around November lows what else can be found in the blogosphere

Brett describes three simple trade setups: Reversal Trades, Breakout Trades, and Continuation Trades.

Ponzi proof your portfolio from the people of Market Club

It's time to take responsibility for your own monies; at Zignals we are here to help.

Superbowl is coming soon; but is there a Superbowl trade?

Sterling on the mend or still too early to say?

Dividend payments getting hit; a further stress to investors.

Oil will eventually move higher; the question is when?

Benefits of a weak dollar; multinationals to benefit?

How useful is the Dow as an index?

What next for the Euro?

Day trading is back - or did it ever leave?

Buffet Interview transcript

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