Monday, October 6, 2008

News from the Blogosphere

European markets are caught in another maelstrom of selling, US futures are well down as a result.

European leaders dither as troubles mount.

(Via Abnormal Returns): There are few safe havens in stocks.

(Via Abnormal Returns) But is it time to hold the nose and take a plunge?

(Via Abnormal Returns) Dividend cuts will be the death warrant to many a stock; which companies will be able to resist doing so?

Cheap doesn't mean 'buy'. StockRake goes long Friday.

Time to move to Texas?

(Via FTAlphaville) Russia's oil gains cannot plaster over its problems.

'Youth' in charge of bailout?

In depth technical review of key US indices. Indicators are finding new ways to make new lows.

Seeing what isn't there.

Race to the bottom begins - 700 call for the S&P?

ECRI action suggests another year of woe? Tightening the belt.

How to take advantage of an extended VIX.

The 4-year cycle could result in the next low coming in 2010.

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