Monday, August 18, 2008

News from the Blogosphere

Know your market from the Trader's Blog

The dif- ference between success and failure in trading commodities is the difference between one man knowing and following fixed rules and the other man guessing. The man who guesses usually loses.

Has the dollar moved too much too fast? Japanese government propose tax changes to dividends from foreign affiliates; how will this affect the Yen? Great piece (penned on August 4th) on Aussie dollar, British pound and the dollar (with a hint of Yen). Note: A rising currency is good for domestic stock markets.

FTAlphaville highlights the 'great' success of the B&B rights issue.

Vodafone spending in latest acquisition (via FTAlphaville)

Tasty 5-year yields from American Express from skepticalcapitalist.

The American Express Co. finance unit Friday sold $2 billion of five-year bonds with a yield of 7.34%, a person close to the situation confirmed. The premium to compensate investors for perceived risk was 4.25 percentage points over Treasury rates, at the high end of initial expectations and nearly one percentage point over the premiums on some of American Express Credit's existing bonds.

InvestorPlaceBlogs; "What's Up Dad?" - dollar cost average into uncertain markets

Is there hope for Deere and Co. (DE)?

Jim Rogers still bullish on commodities.

Maybe it's time to become a VC (or not)?

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