Monday, August 11, 2008

News from the Blogosphere

Vacation season is in full swing, but news doesn't stop.

MarketClub on bottoming behaviour (pork bellies and gold are examples). Not sure the current market is doing likewise? But maybe the homebuilders?

Barrat's ready to move?

MarketClub also has a guest article by Harry Boxer on four characteristics of Strong Breakouts. Here is an Zignals advanced stock alert setting which searches for low volume tests of the 7-day MA (it looks for breaks of a 7-day MA - comparable to an hourly 40-period MA test). When the alert triggers add the stock to your watchlist, or set a second alert for the stock looking for a gain of 2% or more in a single day on 150% of a 90-day MA volume with or without a new 10-day high.

Characteristics of bull and bear markets.

Presidential returns in the market.

(Via Abnormal Returns Who should you follow (and ignore) in the market?

(Via Abnormal Returns). Barry's rules of the road:

  • Ignore market rumors
  • Buy sector strength (and avoid sector weakness)
  • Never blindly follow the big money
  • Day-to-day stock action is mostly noise
  • P/E matters less than you think
  • Ignore deteriorating fundamentals at your peril
  • Nothing is more costly than chasing yield
  • Know what you own
  • Simple is better than complex
  • Stick to your core competency
  • Fess up!
  • Never forget risk management
  • The trend is your friend

    (Via Abnormal Returns). Is the dollar bear market over? Afraid-to-trade thinks so.

    How Russian ADR's, ETFs, and affected trading instruments reacted to recent events in South Ossetia.

    Aleph Blog looks at the fundamentals of market bottoms.

    Technical summary of Friday's close in the Nasdaq.

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