Tuesday, August 5, 2008

News from the Blogosphere

Time to brush up on trading a downtrend.

Knowing when to pounce on a trade.

How about those stop losses?

Auto Industry needs to adapt quick - who will emerge top when the dust settles?

(Via Abnormal Returns) Time to throw out the ETF garbage.

(Via Abnormal Returns) Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

(Via Abnormal Returns) Barry kicks the mortgage industry while it's down.

Societe Generale (remember them) profits fall 63%.

Rogue waves in the stock market

Worldwide Volatility indices.

HeadlineCharts noted interesting comments from Laksman Achuthan on the US economy going forward.

DividendMoney on investing profitable in undervalued stocks with reference to European and Asian markets.

Invest in Water.

Robert Mooney adds:

Headlines are meant to catch your eye and the following did recently.

An added reason for comment now as they relate to some items I had commented on in recent blogs.

In investigating Banks, a quick look at a Reuters report dated 18th July and headed

As faith in bank bailouts dims, losses set to deepen

makes for interesting reading.

Climate Change and Peak Oil were topics of the National Anxiety Centre web site (22.7.08) recent take on these two items.

Compare what you read there with the common perceptions we hear on radio and TV and see daily in the printed media.

Forecasting the future is often helped by looking at history!

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