Monday, August 25, 2008

News from the Blogopshere

The last week of holidays before traders put away the sombrero and switch on their computers.

Take a break; nothing to see here

Investing imitates chess; man and machine in perfect harmony

A superpower of gaming? I'm sure Midway shareholders had similar high hopes in 2005. Create your stock chart.

Fast track to lose money?

Raise money when you need it, not when you have to (via Abnormal Returns)

Seinfeld for Microsoft. Serenity Now...

Breakout trading has had its day. This uncertainty is not confined to US markets.

Low volatility - but it's already priced in?

Financial bloat; views of former IMF chief ecnonomist. (via FTAlphaville)

Ending the BAA monopoly (via FTAlphaville); don't expect things to move any faster...

Short financials - Long commodities (via FTAlphaville). Sounds like there are too many 'sucker rally' calls to me.

10-Q Detective now part of BNET (via BillakaNoDooDahs)

When should you downgrade your car insurance?

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