Monday, July 7, 2008

News from The Blogosphere

Will traders be peaking through the covered faces as they wait today's open? Futures are a little soft as of 4:30AM ET.

CXO Advisory Group summarises a research piece on sentiment and speculative stock performance. The conclusion:

low (high) investor sentiment is especially indicative of future outperformance (underperformance) by the most speculative stocks.

Where's the beef? Negative return for S&P 500 for the past 10 years when adjusted for inflation and dividends (via Abnormal Returns).

Bottom fishing from Barron's (via Big Picture)

But John Murphy says it better:

This week's downturn in basic material stocks suggests that the topping process is moving even further along. Energy may be the next to roll over. As the economy slows, money flows into consumer staples, healthcare services, and utilities. That's where we appear to be right now. One way we can tell that a bottom is near is when money starts to flow into financial and consumer discretionary stocks. So far, there's no sign of that happening. That leaves us in the midst of a bear market with money flowing toward staples, healthcare, and utilities.

Brett also picked up on weakness in Materials.

Japan had it rough, but now is it time for the Rising Sun to shine?

Irishtimes is now free, saving me some money :)

Adam Warner studies complacency in volatility, while Bull Luby looks at the different ways in which volatiltiy can be studied (take note of his top-25 most read posts on volatility).

(Via Maoxian) German teddy bears heading to Eastern European shores(?)

Seven websites to save you money.

(Via Paul Kedrosky) European GM vs American GM. Interesting factoid on GM

Vegas on the ropes.

Don't fight the trend. But where is the bottom?

Should we believe the Barclays-Lehman rumour?

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