Monday, May 19, 2008

Positive Thinking - Euro style

The US Market is one market subdivided into Bull and Bears, Shorts and longs, optimists and pessimists not to mention 1000+ companies - and nearly as many sectors. BUT one currency.

Europe has most of these characteristics but many markets.
So with 20 +/- markets, all the aspects covered by Jack McHugh as quoted by Barry Ritholtz, "Postive Thinking vs Skepticism in the Markets", are amplified many times over.

Instead of one economy as in US, Europe has many conflicting and divergent economies and (a limited) number of currencies

Cycles occur always and everywhere and do not necessarily converge across economies. I suggest Jack's comment probably has little relevance to the current state of Europe and its markets.

Remember the definitions of Company Reports we saw after Arthur Anderson.

EBIAT - earnings before irregularities and tampering
CEO - Chief Embezzlement Officer
CFO - Corporate Fraud Officer
EPS - Eventual Prison Sentence
NAV - Normal Anderson valuation

On other news:
The latest Strategy Lab article was hosted by over the weekend.

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